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Hoover Dam
EDIT 4170 Presentation
Damon Winchester
Division through multiplication

Lauren Leon
5 Tips to Time Management
Created By: Natalie Benoy and Tara Vargas
Natalie Benoy
Different Bodies of Water
Erika Eckerdt & McKenna Hooker
McKenna Hooker
The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Amanda Gutierrez-Taylor
Task 3 - Translation Techniques
Methods - Strategies - Techniques
María Rodríguez B.
Le métier d'aide à la personne

Laura Doupeux
Lascivious Grace Leather Chaps Mens
Lascivious Grace Leather Chaps Mens
Leather Baba
Aikaterini Chrysani
Ferramenta Tecnológica
Mariane Kraviski
Physical Appearance with cartoon characters

Aylin Leventoğlu
Mariah's Action Plan
Using UDL for grade 7 science and Language Arts
Mj Burt
Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz

Martyna Piechna
¿Cómo se hace la lluvia?

Mariana BravoGtz
Joy Ride emotional storytelling
by Josh Dale
Joshua Dale
Amazing Facts

Daniel Radu